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Writing Speech

How to write the perfect A* speech


33 thoughts on “Writing Speech”

  1. These videos are extremely helpful! I watched them over and over during my GCSE revision. The hard work paid off as I achieved an A* in language and an A in literature 🙂

  2. I found this really useful. Could you please also upload a video about the gcse wjec reading paper and how to write an A* leaflet? Thanks in advance.

  3. Great content but could gave been a bit longer and in more detail. Also, it sounds like the microphone is set too close?

  4. Could you please help me with a speech I have to write on animal slaughters and animal cruelty please help it’s due today

  5. Hi sir, I am doing my speaking exam in March and if possible can you please help me achieve an A/A*. Our speaking topic is to persuade our teacher not to throw us off a boat and we have to be a person who is popular or famous e.g. Martin Luther King.

  6. Hello sir, what grade will I be getting If I say this speech for my English igcse language speaking exam.I am planning to say this speech.Thank you

  7. + The English Teacher Thanks so much,, do you have an email address as I don’t have fb?

  8. Hi! I have a speech due in 5 days and was wondering if I could have some guidance on it please as I’m really stuck. Also, I’m in year 11 so this is for IGCSE English coursework. Thank you..

  9. I can’t find any anecdotes! What can I do? I’m not sure how exactly to use a strawman.

  10. Hey, can I ask u? Tomorrow I’m having a speech writing assessment, the questions are based on some past papers. Can u give examples of questions like I’ve searched through the internet looking for past papers, but I couldn’t find any?

  11. Hey again, would it be possible if I send you a document of my speech and you can provide feedback and things to improve on? Thanks

  12. Hi, Will this help me in Year 8? And what level do you think I would get If I apply all the skills you have shown?

  13. Thank you for these videos! I never really knew how to write speeches before but I’m so glad I watched your videos as I know how to write a speech now and speeches actually came up in my exam today! Along with formal letters so I’m glad, thank you:)

  14. if its supposed to be two sides approximately how big should the intro main and conclusion have to be

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