How to Write a Bibliography


29 thoughts on “Writing Research Paper References

  1. wait, so do you put down the date of the source and the the date you access the site for the internet?

  2. Yo I did a writing about WW2 and I am done I didn’t had any sources cause I already knew tons about WW2 the f**k I am going to write in a bibliography !!!!!!!#!

  3. Guys if you are confuse of citing shown in the video, just search: APA format it will teach you the basics if citing references.

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  5. helps by a long shot for my English21 class in college, and thanks for uploading!!!!

  6. Thanks for the information. It’s sad to see how people made useless comments below proving that it’s better to remain silent and be thought stupid than to speak out and remove all doubt! Abraham Lincoln

    Enjoy work tonight! Do you want fries with that?

  7. @NBAZera people who have to do for projects or
    for people who want to get good grades duh!

  8. @NBAZera Because they went out ang got all the information for you.Like what if you discover the cure for cancer,and a kid makes a report on cancer and copys your whole book ‘Finding the cure’.

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