Homework Wine Pairings pt2: Written By YOU | The Holderness Family


17 thoughts on “Written Homework

  1. YES thank you for doing my suggestion of common core math. I’ll be sure to try that jumbled up rum. 😂😂

  2. I’ve been wondering, what happened to your television show? I was so addicted and then it stopped…

  3. Penn trying to get those high fives but being turned down lol. I’m glad I never had to practice my recorder at home during that unit.

  4. Penn Charles had a bit too much fun destroying that paper!!! Those tips are great. I love Lola’s stance with the family life one, was she lying on the table?

  5. Her hands are the wrong way round and her articulation is non existent. The overblowing is hideous. She’d maybe be better learning an instrument that requires less subtlety and musicality. Maybe Guitar or drums?

  6. I got one… pairing Redbull with vodka with diorama projects because you need to be a little tipsy and wide awake while you’re working on it at 2am and your child has been asleep for five hours

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