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  1. This woman will do anything to get what she wants, and that is anything not above voter fraud, violence, lies & killing people.

  2. Hillary Clinton is a lying criminal, and anybody voting or supporting her are evil just like she is. She is an habitual liar just like Obama. Obama and Hillary started the trouble in Syria, and she talks of a No Fly Zone which will start a war with Russia, and lead into a Nuclear war that destroys millions and millions of people. Hillary and Obama, and the Neo Cons are war criminals, and evil.

  3. The fact that these two are the candidates we have to choose from, says that we the American people never had a choice in anything. Government has gotten too big. We never had a choice. It’s just an illusion. Time to rise up as Americans and overthrow this Government that has gotten too big. Time for a Revolution! Who’s with me?!🏇🇺🇸

  4. Trump in every debate. : make America great again, build that wall, no more illegals, respect cops, and Crooked Hillary. What’s his plan though. Like an actual plan with how he is going to accomplish all of these promises?

  5. I do hope and pray to God that that despicable self-centered crooked socialist of a woman never wins the presidential election. If she does we are screwed.

  6. The Washington Times Presidential 3rd Debate Poll: TRUMP 77% (18,290) CLINTON 17% (4,100)

  7. if trump becomes president I think that might say more about Americans to other countries then anything else

  8. Clinton is straw manning. BTW I love Trumps view on the American/Russian relationship. It’s obvious she wants a war with Russia. And that would be a wrong wrong thing.

  9. Clinton says Iraq was a mistake, emails were a mistake, calling Americans deplorables was a mistake – how many of her mistakes can America take

  10. Just because one says it with a smile & knows how to articulate her words during a debate from past experiences to which she failed, doesn’t mean she’s not corrupt and if not even more so for hiding it behind the smile!

  11. Yea Hillary you have been to country’s where you have took all their money or give them deals to pay to play. Hati is still wrecked because of the clintons.

  12. Hillary is only a few shades darker from dr.evils outfit. I can already see her laughing manically if wins.

  13. You can really see how they differ on a personal level after the debate ends. Trump sulks and surrounds himself with his family and makes a hasty exit while Clinton spends time speaking to, greeting and generally being nice to people. I’m sad that Bernie isn’t in the race but Hillary would still make a fantastic president and I’m glad that she and Bernie were able to put their best ideas together. What a fantastic time to be a liberal / progressive! So much good things happening! Also I never thought I’d say this, but Chris Wallace was probably the best moderator out of all the moderators we had this year, very impressed.

  14. Cannot let Globalist overrule this Country. We the people will stand against Tyranny. Vote Trump!

  15. Even if the Russians dug up all the emails, it doesnt change the facts of the LETTERS AND WORDS TYPED INSIDE OF THEM!!!

  16. If I could get in a boxing ring with Hillary, I would knock some sense into that  space between her ears!!!!!!

  17. According to sources, over 70% of Trump’s statements were lies, whilst just under 30% of Clinton’s statements were lies

  18. she’s anti gun ! anti Constitution ! that’s game over ! TRUMP BETTER WIN OR YOU WILL LOSE THE BILL OF RIGHTS ALSO

  19. Post-debate — Pigeon chess. Trump made a pre-teen ass of himself, and this time he actually had a few things to say of substance — by debate three he’s beginning to understand how it works. But he still gets into the name calling, the insult interrupts, the pivots to whining about being screwed by the establishment. Pitiful showing. A clear Clinton win except to Ivanka and KellyAnne, who are backstage now telling Daddy what he wants to hear, but by the look of his face he’s in no mood to be jollied and he knows he’s just been owned

  20. You people think that these people are to going to make the world or the US better? hahahaha there has been 43 presidents in all of America. Now tell me this. Has the world gotten better, or worse?

  21. Does everyone else remember how Al Gore accepted the 2000 results? Yeah didn’t think so seeing as how he fought it all the way to the Supreme Court and it took weeks for a final decision.

  22. Egads, he’s so incredibly ignorant, totally unprepared, more than somewhat crazy and just plain petty, mean and downright boorish.

  23. whats scary and one of many reasons why we need trump is not only is the media against him but even all of the moderators in every debate.

  24. All the way from Ghana we congratulate Hillary on becoming the 45th president of the United States. No need to wait for election day. May the United States continue to be as great as it has always been.

  25. Clinton has devoted her life to service to our country, what has Donald ever done for our country? Absolutely nothing , everything he has ever done has been for his own selfish gains . He doesn’t know what service and sacrifice mean. He doesn’t deserve to be on the same stage as the other candidates . Trump is a degenerate selfish greedy egomaniac.

  26. Listen, as a CHRISTIAN, I’m not going to tell you who to vote for, if anyone. But I WILL remind you how God has commanded that we act towards WHOEVER is elected:

  27. LOL Trump thinks that being President is like running a real estate business where you get a $1,000,000 loan from your father to start.

  28. Hitlerly Clinton drives us into war, all the attention goes on these elections, and meanwhile the west and he’s allies are preparing for World War 3, this is what is going to happen, blaming Russia and China for everything!

  29. So why has Hillary been dressing up as a communist? Also, why has she not worn her American flag pin, during every debate?

  30. 33.000 people per year die because of legal guns in USA says Clinton!! Is that really true? Wow! I’m European and we got home guard in my country which means that almost every household is required to keep at least one assault rifle at home and maybe 1 or 2 get killed per year by leagal guns. 99.9% of all who gets killed by guns here are killed by illegal guns. USA is crazy where ordenary law abiding people seem to settle their arguments with shooting each other to death. Wow! WOW!

  31. Clinton was given the script, and she had pre-packaged answers to all of them… and yet Trump still trumped her by giving facts. Lol.

  32. Hillary logic: protect toddlers by restricting guns. Protect toddlers by aborting them.

  33. I have a question for Trump and this is actually serious. Who’s building this wall?

  34. whats she taling about the fbi is under investigation right now by the supream coart for coruption of the emails

  35. if the NY times were a reliable source, wouldn’t they have more views on this video?

  36. Trump is sucessful because he is conartist and he corrupt.He works the same way a drug dealer does he for self.He has no respect for anybody he so fake it glows in his face…On the other hand woman are more muture not saying she a great pick but over Trump anytime

  37. I’m 18 and I’m undecided as ever. After watching this dabate, I agree more with Donald. However, the last two debates Hillary show her resilience on stage. Ik I might get hate being black and even considering Donald but I just don’t trust Hillary. Don’t get me wrong, Donald has done his fair share of evil deeds too. I might sound crazy but I have this liberal/conservative(independent) mindset. My family will be voting for Hillary as I said, but I don’t feel that’s right. Please give me incite to help me make my decision. Don’t be hateful, be truthful.

  38. I rather vote for an imaginary criminal that people made up inside their heads than an actual spoiled rich child man baby who wants everything his way

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