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little message to my boyfriend


30 thoughts on “What Can I Write My Boyfriend”

  1. Thats nice, really. but i think your bf would focus on those b**bs word of yours instead of your surprise..

  2. omg. you are so cute. your boyfriend will sure be so happy to see this. distance means nothing. as long you can trust each other and knows how to work things out. god bless your beautiful relationship. <3

  3. I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t think you should post this to YouTube. It’s for your boyfriend, not us.

  4. i would be mad at this because i’m single. But i’m dating a guy i liked for a long time

  5. I felt tht u r being sad these days cuz of me but im too far away to kiss u hug u nd hold u tight nd to make u happy with everything u want soooooo i decided to do this !! ( coz i want to make u hapoy but im too shy to say it out loud) watch out it might get too cheesy I love u I love u alot like how rabbit love carrots

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