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  1. Sorry, grammar police here: you keep saying ‘less mistakes’ when it should be ‘fewer mistakes’.

  2. Steve – I stumbled across your tech videos and throughly enjoy them.  I consider myself to be a tech export but find your style easy to listen to even if I already know the topic.  Always very interesting topics. Thanks for your efforts.

  3. Not bad if you’re writing blog entries or news for a website with not many visitors, otherwise, this is just tools for newbies.

  4. It came out that StyleWriter4 and Grammarly are the only software’s that worth something. Everything else is garbage. StyleWriter4 is great, but it’s full of bugs. Admittedly, there are faults, it sometimes hangs when scrolling or switching between Word and it’s editing screen. That bug needs to be fixed. Especially when it freezes after you uploaded a new document. If that happens, your only alternative is to restart your machine and start all over again.


  6. If I used ‘Write or Die 2’, the first thing I’d need would be a new laptop screen..

  7. Thanks, SpinnerChief 4 can not only generate hundreds of new articles in minutes for you, but also in one click it can rewrite articles to a very high level of human readability and uniqueness.

  8. Great video and awesome tips, thanks!!! Heard so-so reviews about Grammarly but you seem to be happy with it. Still considering…

  9. Hi I’ve looked at both Ginger and Grammarly and have not seen an example of how it helps with Sentence structure. Can you tell me which one works best? I’ve only used free trials Thanks

  10. Absolutely love these! One additional tip: Utilizing the ‘text to speech’ function to read back your writing. I can’t tell you how many times this has helped to identify errors in syntax that I would have missed otherwise. Keep up the great work!

  11. LOVE THIS CHANNEL! Do you have any WordPress training? Appreciate your teaching style.

  12. Wow .. Steve buddy!  I found you.  You were my favorite back in the day. I think it was PC Mag and Windows Mag. Thanks for the writing tips .. its coming up on 30 years in IT for me but I secretly always wanted to be an author. I am sure you were here the whole time but between reading magazines and PDFs I didn’t think to look you up on the Tube.  I just might be able to keep abreast of the punks I work with regarding new Tech shizzle.  Cheers.

  13. One thing I forgot to mention about NoodleTools: you can choose sources other than books and guides you to figuring out what your source is, for instance, you might be in an online database but you chose website. The best part: It’s all free!

  14. Do a video on NoodleTools if you haven’t. It’s an awesome research tool and bibliography maker. You type in the book’s info and after some processing spits out your bibliography in a variety of formats (my school uses MLA). There is also a nifty feature called Notecards which gives you spaces for quotes, paraphrasing, and your personal thoughts and responses. You can tag these notecards and search for specific ones later by tag or source. NoodleTools integrates nicely into google drive and you can edit your document from their website. You can also export your bibliography to other file formats, so of nothing’s else, use it for bibliographies.

  15. I already gave you my kudos! great insight! Rg this video, Don’t you mind not being able to create links to other google docs? same in OneDrive, considering if I should shift because of it.

  16. Thanks for sharing Steve. Very useful for our new Cloud Startup in Cupertino called Cloud Lease. Will definitely use your calendar tips. I subscribed as well. Gary Kolegraff – Founder

  17. Good stuff!  I didn’t know about right clicking on a word in Google Drive.  Thank you.

  18. Always well done.  Have used many of your tips and find your information very valuable.  Thank you.

  19. Great tips and well delivered. You sound very enthusiastic in your videos, and it’s contagious!

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