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T Shirt Printing With Dark Transfer Papers Not Sublimation Or Silk Screen


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  1. I have the cameo 2 and no matter how i try the opticle eye never works half the time it wont even pick up the registration marks. I had some success in sd mode but on the whole its not good i end up cutting them out by hand…

  2. Martin really enjoyed snow man tutorial i learn something new every time your amazing thankyou

  3. Hi will this printer work on heat transfer Epson WorkForce 30 Color Inkjet Printer (C11CA19201)? thanks for you video

  4. Can you please make a tutorial on how to make labels for dark shirts with this type of process, using dark heat transfer paper.

  5. Hi Martin. Martin I am at a loss after trying to find an answer myself online and unable to………….. is it possible once you have cut around the image using the bow tie to then re-size image and cut line together. I have cut an image but now want to use the image on a larger size t-shirt but cannot work out how to resize both image and cutline together? Thank Martin, great video as ever. Paul

  6. I enjoy your videos they are very informative! I am looking to get started from scratch heat pressing T Shirts we are having a benefit for a friend that passed away’s family and he was a big Raiders fan so I need to make hundreds of Black T Shirts with white Raiders Image I have the design Im just on a low budget and short for time so I was hoping you could reply with a list of the supplies I need to order besides the shirts and heat press(printer,paper/vinyl,cutters,and inc etc..) if you get a moment ? Thank You!

  7. Hi Martin. What is the make of transfer paper you use? I’ve tested a dark t-shirt with a logo printed with dye-based inks using an HP envy printer, and YOLO dark transfer paper. But after one wash, the inks have started to fade. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  8. great training, thank you, once you have the print down, can you heat vynle lettering though the design

  9. so sublimation ink and ink jet ink are the same? its just the coating on the product i.e paper or mug?

  10. hie bro! wonderful informative clip there. Tell me, are there any small vinyl desktop printers?

  11. what heat transfer paper would you recommend? I am starting out but want to start on the right foot.


  13. Hi Martin, Is there any way possible you can put a list together of the Name of the HeatPress, Name of Ink exactly how I would need to type into Ebay, Name of Your Printer and the extra items you described that you add to the printer, Name of the Cutter and whatever else you think I will need to begin?  Thank You So Much for your assistance, your video was very informational.

  14. hi Martin, I was looking for this ink you use on the Coralgraph ebay page and it seems that they do not have one for Ricoh. I am also a bit confused when you say that i dont use sublimation ink, if I am using the normal inks you use do I need to get a different type of paper or isnit the same paper used for sublimation ink. sorry I am starting up

  15. hi Martin.i tried it but comes out Registration Failed.how to solve this.thank you.

  16. Hi Martian how are you! always good to see your videos I have a printer Richo 3110. could I transfer that printer over to dye based ink and use the refillable cartridges for it . have you any tips on that information Thanks

  17. says its not made for heat transfer but looks good to me, what kind of paper do you use?

  18. is the image stays after you wash it in the washing machine/dryer or it will pill/faded?

  19. Hi Martin, Great Video what make of transfer paper do you use, ie whats the name of it.Thanks Steve

  20. Also would this apply more with an Inkjet printer than a laser printer? Which is what I have.  Thanks again for the feedback

  21. Hi Martin,  question.So basically I need to Install  a Dye based ink to my printer  correct? Does that apply to a laser printer as well? And Secondly regarding the paper you used for this video what  is it called? Thanks

  22. good evening Martin I am new to this I have a heat press I usually order my heat transfer from proworld . but I want to do custom transfers without breaking my pockets can you use a regular printer and the suillottle cameo cutter plotter for pictures and words?

  23. Hi Martin, what is the recommended temperature and time duration for light and dark transfer

  24. Can I download your training video? Im in New York…dvd would cost too much to ship or what? Also, what kind of press are you using?

  25. So I take it that this is a special printer then? If so what’s the name of the printer and can I buy normal ink for it or does it have to be some sort of special ink?

  26. Hi Martin, What vinyl cutter do you use? and have you changed the one you use since making this video? as in is there better on the market for the same price?

  27. can dark transfer paper be used on different fabric like polyester for printing other than cotton

  28. do you ever find pressing changes the colour of your print? Im experiencing tis problem a lot!

  29. Hi, can you please link the paper you use, thank you. Also how many washes do your transfers on cotton last?

  30. do you have a certain icc profile for your printer i know as sublimation inks you need profiles to match the printers confused thanks martin

  31. Martin, I’m looking thru several of your you tube videos! one thing I notice is that a lot of your equipment has changed / unless I’m wrong… Can you please give me advice on what I need to start up a small business… Thx! All the best to you!cgarcia@jserra.org

  32. What type of cover paper do you use? For regular transfer paper, I reflect the photo, than lay the paper on the shirt (that is on the press) and press… what am I doing wrong? Thanks mate

  33. Question I have iron on paper for dark fabrics. Can I use it on a white fabric if so how would I iron on the paper

  34. Hi Martin, I have another question, lets say you wish to print words and letters with dark transfer paper and you cut the word out in your silhouette, do you buy some kind of transfer application tape so that when the letters are laid on the garment to be printed their all in the position they need to be so nothing gets printed squint?

  35. As a beginner I thought I’d get the very cheapest of ink, transfer paper, etc. I was messing around with my new silhouette cameo software and getting a bit of practice in, I was ready to cut my first image and I opened my transfer papers and was trying to separate the transfer paper from the backing so I could tell which was the printable side, after a few minutes I realised I had bought, Iron on transfer papers and they were cheap and nasty with little lumps all over them, Martin, Is there a difference between heat press transfer paper and iron on transfer paper?

  36. Hi Martin, Can you get a bulk ink system onto a Ricoh, to keep the costs down and chip resetting ink cartridges as well or is that just for the Epsons?

  37. Hi again Martin, Is it only Epson printers that have the micro piezo technology allowing you to use sublimation inks, not that I wouldn’t go out and buy one, but I already have an A4 and A3 canon printer which are rather new but I wouldn’t want to run sublimation ink through them and ruin the print heads if they are not designed to take the inks, I could just keep printing normal dye inks through them for the non sublimation transfers but I do want to have the option of the sublimation to print on mugs?

  38. martin why did you got to photo shop for a green back round why not just use off set in the cameo software pick the color and plus you would not need to cut around the figure as you can pick the thickness of the off set the only thing you would need to do is weld or group the two together. cheers mate hope your well.

  39. Hi Martin, Great Video, Can you tell me what the protective paper you’re laying down between the transfer and the press, is it just basic greaseproof paper or is there a particular name for it and also when you are buying the ink on ebay for the transfers what do you type so you know you’re buying the right ones?

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