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  1. YesReneau I looove your videos. Can you also make a video about how international students can get into Harvard and the financial aid?

  2. Thank you for making these videos! Has anyone ever told you, you are the most beautiful woman ever? You are gorgeous keep on making these videos please!

  3. If one can get into Harvard, I am sure that they will qualify for many outside scholarships.

  4. I love your voice. I don’t know why but deep voices on girls (but not so deep it’s suspicious) are sexy and soothing and… yes. You should start doing like… shadow speeches. Have someone else stand up there but be the woman behind the curtain reading off the teleprompter.

  5. What is the percentage of Harvard students whose parents who have a combined annual income of less than $60k? Seriously, lets be honest, Harvard is rigged to favor the wealthy.

  6. I really appreciate you, I’m learning so much and I’m not even close to graduating college, I’m not even in college. I’ve always thought about what college I wanted to go to and I always had the big expensive fancy schools at the top of my list, but I always knew it wasn’t an expectation because I never believed I would be smart enough to do it, but this year, I started watching your videos, and, I don’t know, I’m in algebra now, advanced comm arts, advanced science and advanced social stuides and I just don’t understand.

  7. YesReneau, you made more money an hour scrubbing toilets than you would working at McDonalds…

  8. A nice middle class family here earns ₹600,000 that as on today (11 Nov’16) converts to $10,000 per year. Hence it would be free for students from such families? 🤔

  9. You’re amazing, I always wanted to take Architecture in Harvard (not sure if they have one) I love how you look like a smart dorky/cool Hollywood actress on your videos. Is it true that wherever you go when you mention you’re from Harvard you’re the smartest person on the area? (unless of course there’s another harvard guy/girl, then that’s another story) right?

  10. what if you are traveling to a different state? does the financial aid still follow you?

  11. hey, i love your videos! I’m a student at Brown and the PLME. I’m planning on making videos to help high schoolers understand more about college life and the entire college application process – check out my channel if you have the chance! 🙂

  12. Hey!! I wanted to know that the students who are from outside of the usa and came there for studies without their parents and doing part time job can also apply for that aid ?

  13. haven’t seen you in forever! in the midst of cramming essays for college, this really made my day 🙂

  14. But you know how much is UNAM, (an university here in Mexico) is 80 cents of mexican pesos a year. And it’s one of best schools of Latinamerica

  15. Will I be financially aided when my parents income can never be the required and I am an international high school student, from Nepal.

  16. By combined parents/family income, does that mean that my brother’s and I’s job salary count as well or not?

  17. Hello I am from Colombia, my mom is a single mother, I don’t have the money to study in harvard. I woud likee to know if you knew of any financial aid for international students and what do i need to apply to one of them. Thank very much for this video and for the help you give us

  18. what if you do not have parent to pay for you? How do you get to attend harved without paying.

  19. im in middle school but i want to go to harvard when i grow up and i want to be a lawyer.

  20. I love this so much!! can you also make a video on your essay for financial aid? usually they ask why you need financial aid, and I’m having a hard time making mine 🙁

  21. Hahahhaahah!!! You are so funny and cute, i like you. Thanks for this awesome video, just gave me some really important informations i needed. Keep it up girl.

  22. hey yesreneau i love your videos im trying really hard to get into harvard i had one serious question i live in india so my SAT exams were really far away from where i live can i give them my scores by january end if i apply for regular decision ??

  23. Heya! Noticed it in another video too, I just wanted to say that I love your eye makeup look.

  24. What if my parents make a combined income of 90k. One of my parents have been unemployed for years.

  25. What if you’re an international student who is doing the IB Programme and my parents income is lower than 65 000 and i want to take a whole bachelors degree in harvard

  26. hey , i’m from morocco and my parents r making less than 65k . my dream is to get into harvard , i just wanna know if i have the same rights of financial aid as a US citizen . and how long does it take to graduate from medical school (sorry for my bad english ) . thank u

  27. Remember your student loan is YOUR STUDENT LOAN it is none of my or my wallets business….

  28. I love your videos. You keep it very lucid yet expressive. I bet on you becoming Youtube famous very soon !

  29. I have one question for example i have Harvard financial aid and in the four years I gonna be in Harvard you mind that I can travel anywhere I want free?

  30. hey, i found this video really interesting but i keep asking myself, what about strangers?? i mean you that it’s free for poeple whom parents attend less that 65000$ a year but is this applicated for american students only? or even poeple from other nationalities?????

  31. LOLL I love this about you. Down to business but has the inner inclination of throwing in light humor.

  32. As you was student,tell me is there any exam for extra-ordinary students (for foreigners) to claim great scholarship? reply please

  33. hi, thank you for making these help videos. Is this tuition waiver applicable to international students too ??

  34. Does this apply to post-graduate programs? Or to international students? Or to international students with post-graduate goals? 😛

  35. I don’t get how to apply for scholarship in Harvard. I googled it a lot. Please@ Reneau Help me in this regard.

  36. Hi ! I’m still in Secondary school and Harvard is really my dream school since ever. But ? Do you get to enroll first or apply to Harvard then if you got it ? I automatically get the scholarship because my parents income per year is totally less than 65k and I’m already starting to get my background nice and hitting my GPA.

  37. Is the financial aid also applicable for graduate courses. I am also referring to Indian students in particular.

  38. I thought your name was yes or no HAAHHA love your videos so much, they always make me laugh but teach me something too.

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