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The Perfect Defense: The Oral Defense of a Dissertation


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  1. I’m about to begin my PhD in Public Health- specializing in Epidemiology. The thought of defending a dissertation freaks me out 🙁

  2. Omg thank you! I’ll be defending my thesis next week at 4pm and I was actually freaking out on the hows and whats I must do. Moreover, I will have to do it in a different language I am not used to (so that’s another pressure adding up on my stress).

  3. Hi every body 🙂 my name is Hanane , I am  a linguistics stream student, I have done my research about the use of ICT in English language teaching and learning. tomorrow I have my defense , I think I can do it for sure because Dr. Valerie makes me happy and motivates me so much. thanks soooo much I find this video very useful . thanks I will keep in my mind your advice and I will try to breath whenever I didn’t find an answer. May Allah help me and all students. Regards.

  4. This is so useful for me at this moment, I am actually having my PhD defense in a week from the day that I posted this comment. Thanks so much.

  5. Thankyou Valerie, I’m going to have my defense next week. And just by re and re watching your video I feel confident adds up everytime.

  6. Well, this was really helpful! I have my  thesis defense on 24th July. Wish me luck! And good luck to all of you too!

  7. This video was informative and succinct. I especially appreciated Dr. Balester’s reassuring message from start to finish! Thank you for posting this for the rest of the world to benefit. I’ll be sure to review this video again before my actual defense.

  8. I’m scared to death of that moment. I just began my Ph program of Spanish linguistics. I know that moment will come surely. It is my biggest fear now. Does defense mean that I have to justify my research? Again , I’m SCARED.

  9. A very inspiring  and helpful video! thank you Mss.Balester! your presentation made me more confident in the preparation my own defense, you are such a inspiring and professional speaker!, I hope my defense will be good (20/09/14), and I’ll try to do my best with your recommendations.

  10. I am defending my MA thesis in two days. The format is different though so I’ll have a presentation for 45-50 min!! THEN I’ll get the questions… gosh

  11. Dear Dr Balester, your video was of great help. Thanks for sharing and supporting stressed PhD students around the world. Receive my gratitude from Brazil. Best regards, Aylmer

  12. My final doctoral defense is on 22 September, 2014. This is a really an outstanding presentation. I learnt a lot and going to implicate it as much as possible

  13. I will defend my thesis proposal this 7/17/14 which is two days from now. Thank heavens I came across this video. wish me luck guys 🙂 thanks

  14. highly informative. got my defense coming up soon and more confident than ever. Than you Prof

  15. As I prepare to defend my dissertation next week, I found this video to be helpful, encouraging, and succinct.  In my process of earning my Ph.D., I have had little guidance on how to defend my work (let alone how to write the chapters of the dissertation).  As you know if you’re going through this process, it is a unique and steep learning curve.  Without educators like Dr. Valerie Balester who help make transparent the idiosyncrasies of this arduous process on the web, I would not be defending next week.  Thank you Dr. Balester for your kindness!

  16. OMG!! I wasn’t nervous until I heard this woman…. theres so much more that I need to check, and rehearse… My defense is next week, and my native language is spanish…. I’m freaking out… !!!

  17. This has to be THE greatest video to watch before you defend your dissertation.  No joke, I probably watched it 50 times before mine.  My committee told me it was one of the best defenses they have ever seen.  She is dead on what to do and say.  Three cheers for posting it!

  18. Thank you so so much! My MASc defense is this Thursday and I was pretty nervous until this. Thanks so much!

  19. Thank you Dr. Balester for the useful advises and informative video. So so helpful. I successfully defended my PhD in archaeology.

  20. This is the best video to help someone like me to do the oral defense of a dissertation. I hope I can pass. Thanks so much.

  21. i love the presentation….today is our presentation also…..good luck to all ABM STUDENTS….

  22. Thank you very much! It was incredibly useful when defending my Master degree dissertation…and I got full marks! Obviously, not only because it was a nice speech, but this video helped me…a lot.

  23. thank you for this video. It helps me a lot for our defense this coming week. i’m so afraid because im not good in english as well as in speaking. God guide me!😇

  24. PhD defense is normally 40~50 min, not 10 min……but Valerie is super helpful! Big thumbs up!

  25. This is very useful, thank you! I am defending my doctoral thesis next Wednesday and this was of great help!

  26. Any tips for those people who aren’t good in speaking english, and also how to get rid of nervousness.

  27. God bless you . I am going to have my phD viva by week end and your tips and the method you used to give advises are really great , Thanks so so much   .

  28. Thank you Dr. Balester. I am preparing for my defense. Your video took the mystery and a lot of the fear out of the process.

  29. Thank you Dr. Valerie Balester! I appreciate so much your guidance, suggestions, and encouragement!

  30. Very helpful, Dr. Balester! I’m defending 1 week from today and this made me feel much better!

  31. This was so helpful, I defend on Thursday of this week and the video reaffirmed my practice and preparation. It also gave me time to call all three members and see if there is anything they need from me during the defense. This makes me feel 100% more confident walking into my defense on Thursday! Thanks.

  32. Having watched this, I believe I am ready to defend my thesis just 18 hours ahead!

  33. I probably defend my master thesis next month, and Im too worried about that until I watched this video, actually she gave me so much confidence, really thanks for sharing this one.

  34. Thank you Dr. Valerie am an undergraduate defending my dissertation tommorrow you boosted my confidence.mwaaaaaa

  35. thanks for your lecture about dissertation I hope to get more benefit due to I am under research project to defense my dissertation for MPH

  36. I’m so glad I watched this video Dr. Valerie. It really helped me a lot. Thank you

  37. Thank you. Really interesting. Unfortunately my presentation have to be made between 40 minutes. There are some video about longer presentations?

  38. Thank you for this video. It is very good for helping me prepare for my Masters viva

  39. Thank you so much. I will be presenting my master’s thesis next year and just watching this gives me so much confidence

  40. Great presentation. I like the way this scholar breaks down disciplines and speaks in a multidisciplinary way. The viva voce varies between institutions and depends on the regulations of your college, which I think is an important point.

  41. I am so very happy. thank u soooooo much for this great presentation. I just defended my M.A. proposal defense in peace n conflict studies. this will help me do better for my final defense

  42. Valerie, this presentation helped me so much. I had a low confidence about my defense, but honestly you saved my life. your presentation is so empowering and strong, yet kind and honest. I am not looking forward to defend my thesis, but I am more confident and I just want tot thank you for that. 🙂 Have a good day. Kind regards form Denmark

  43. Thank you very much. It is therapeutic presentation:-)) I made it a point to watch it often .

  44. I’m gonna defense my dissertation in 3 days! Very helpful! Thx! And wish me good luck!

  45. Very nice presentation! but chapter 7? what is chapter 7? I only have to write 5 chapters?

  46. Very nice and valuable presentation. It will sure help those students who are going to defend their thesis for acquiring degree.

  47. This Visio was the best in the webpage, clarifying thr PhD presentation points.

  48. Thanks Dr. Balester. This information helped me a lot. It’s perhaps the best on the subject.

  49. This was very informative! I’ll be having my defense in a few days, and this will help me go in the right direction. Thank you very much!

  50. Dear Dr. Balester, thank you so much for sharing this video and your precious help. I finished my PhD defense last week, and it went very well. I watched and/or heard your video almost every day for a week before the defense, and it helped me a lot to control my stress and to answer the questions I was asked. Greeting from Tokyo, Japan.

  51. Thank you so much Dr. Balester! I will be defending next week! thanks for your help

  52. This was very helpful, I have mine this thursday and I am super nervous but these are exactly the steps I wanted to know, thank you!

  53. Wow, a brilliant orientation! Thank you very very much Prof. Dr. Valerie Balester. I have really got it all. I am defending my thesis for Master of Science on 19th January, 2016.

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